• 30 years of experience
  • Well-trained, permanent staff
  • Native speakers of most European languages
  • Direct, personal contact with customers
  • The result of our customer-focused operation is the long term business relationships and long-term contracts
  • Cooperation- Respect each other's work and performance, diverse perspectives, welcoming surroundings
  • Our work is supported by a well-established, permanent network of contact
  • Know-how: Quality working based on process rules
  • Ethical and neutral business manners


  • Maintaining our market position by continuously improving efficiency, competitiveness and profitability.
  • Continuous renewal by expanding our portfolio, widening our service pallet to guarantee complex logistics services to our clients.
  • In the international and Hungarian logistics markets, we provide our customers with a broad spectrum of high quality and personalized services, with sustainable development in mind.

Vision Statement:

We would like to be the leading advisors in the segment for our partners and support them with the best quality guidance, services and problem solving.